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Published: 27th August 2009
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As the UFC becomes more and more popular, more and more fighters and fans alike will be curious about some of the top fighters UFC workouts. Most fighters and their coaches aren't (understandably) so quick to reveal their training secrets, but at the end of the day the real "secret" is partly the training workout itself but more just good old fashioned hard work and consistency.

So even if thousands of fans and fighters go their hands on some of these workout routines, only a handful would actually consistently put in the same level of effort and dedication that the fighters themselves put into it.

Nevertheless, here's a UFC workout from three of some of most well conditioned fighters to ever enter the cage.

Randy Couture's UFC Workout:

Bent rows x8
Upright rows x8
Military press x8
Good morning x8
Lunges x8 (each leg)
Squat push press x8
Deadlift x8

This is 1 set; rest for 1 minute and begin the next set for 3 - 5 sets. Do each exercise right after another without putting the barbell down to rest until you finish the whole set.

Sean Sherk's UFC Workout:

Round 1

Elliptical - two minutes

Sprint - 30 seconds

Upper-body ergo meter - two minutes

Sprint - 30 seconds

Rest one minute

Round 2 (each station one minute)

Tire flips


Rope climb

Tire flips

Rope climbs

Rest one minute

Round 3 (each station one minute)

Bear crawls

Plyo pushups

Plyo jumps

Medicine ball throws

Recline pull-ups

Rest one minute

Round 4

Same as round 1

Rest one minute

Round 5

Same as round 2

Rest one minute

Rich Franklin's UFC Workout:

Cardio - Jog/Sprints 5x/wk
Weights - Circuit Training 3x/wk
Muy Thai - 1x/wk
MMA - 2x/wk

Cardio workout:

Jog for 20-25 min on Treadmill
3 - 1- reps of 30 sec sprints

Rest periods are based on resting workout THR.

Workout THR >180
Resting workout THR <130

His goal is to get his resting heart rate down below 130 between sets to mimic rest periods between rounds. At the time of the show he was down to 45 seconds.


10 machine circuit
10 circuit rotations
~15 reps per machine (~1500 total reps)
45-60 minutes with *no rest* between sets (he jogs from machine to machine)

All exercises shown were on machines except for curls:

Bench Dips
Cable Triceps Ext.
Lat Pull Down (Straight Bar and Close Grip)
Seated Rows
EZ Bar Curls
Overhead Press (Plate-loaded machine and Smith)
Leg Press (Bi- and Unilateral)
Some funky-*** squat machine contraption that I had never seen before
Leg Extension
Hip Abduction
Seated Hamstring Curls

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